Wet and Bright
Acrylic on Linen 32" x 32"
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  Though taken from nature, the imagery in my paintings might, at first glance, be unnoticed in the natural world. At best, a throwaway memory. Yet it is the mystery of reflection, shadow and light, and unexpected color that makes me want to paint these throwaway scenes. When I have found the image that I wish to paint, I use the intermediate eye of the camera to see nuances that I have missed. The anomalies of the camera lens also provide additional information that exist only in the photograph of the image. By incorporating these qualities such as a softening and color-rimming of the edges, my paintings provide surprises to me and, I hope, to the viewer. From the beginning of the painting process I know what the image is, but I am never sure what the picture will be when brought to paint.

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